As I sit reflecting on this wonderful crisp fall day, my thoughts keep leading me to Monet and his waterlilies.

Why, you ask? Because today is a rainy, cloudy day. It appears no one has informed the sun though, as it keeps fighting to break through, filling the room with its intense rays of light. The lighting has been changing every few moments today, reminding me of Monet’s intense love in portraying light and the way it changes from morning, to midday to evening.

As I see the light dance around the gallery, in the short burst of sun peeking through the clouds, I’m able to fully appreciate the sensitivity Bambi Waterman has taken in creating her polyps sculptures we currently have on display.

We’ve carefully and thoughtfully positioned those polyps in the front of the gallery, in order to take advantage of  light streaming in through the gallery’s large front windows. I love the way the shadows are interacting with the polyps here, they appear to tickle and surround the sculpture, creating an ocean-like atmosphere for them to exist.


I’m so in love with today and the hope of more rain to come! What inspires you about the rain?