Artist Bio

As service veterans of San Francisco’s dining and cocktail culture and self proclaimed experts in consumption, Tim & Ethan found treasure at the bottom of a recycling bin. 

They met in the early winter of 2012 mixing Singapore Slings and slinging Shaking Beef at one of the busiest restaurants in the state of California. Ethan’s eye for opportunity had him hoarding a garage full of indispensable empty spirit bottles while Tim built on his industrial design education by immersing in a talent rich maker co-op called Tech Shop. Together they found a mutual drive to resurrect a relic from the past by infusing modern day technology and sustainable design. 

After a year of refining their concept they have managed to coordinate a community effort amongst the dining industry elite to reduce waste at a local level. Having saved thousands of bottles from the waste stream, Tim & Ethan strive to use reclaimed materials whenever possible.

We believe that sustainability doesn’t have to compromise functionality nor deprive you of engaging aesthetics. Instead, we have married ourselves to the concept by naming our company Reclamation Etchworks.

Through a modest initial success by fundraising through Kickstarter in the Spring of 2013, Reclamation Etchworks became a reality and purchased its own laser engraver. Today we set out to reclaim and repurpose multiple products to help you build the foundation of an amazing home bar.

Here’s to you. And here’s to your new home bar!