Rio Yañez’ artwork “Our Journey” traces his parent’s journey from Tijuana and San Diego to San Francisco and continues with his own journey departing San Francisco for the East Bay. The piece is rendered as a 3D anaglyph print. Viewers will be provided with 3D glasses to view the piece.
From the moment he was conceived in an artist’s studio, Rio Yañez’ fate as an artist was sealed. Born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission District, Yañez is a curator, photographer, and graphic artist. As a curator he is a frequent collaborator with his father, Rene Yañez, and the pair have been developing exhibits together since 2005. He has exhibited in cities ranging from San Francisco to Tokyo. His solo exhibits include Pocho Adventure Club and Bubblegum Crisis. Yañez is also a founding member of The Great Tortilla Conspiracy, the world’s most dangerous tortilla art collective.