Rounding out the collection – Working with the makers to create work for the gallery.

I never thought that curating a gallery would lead to designing items for the gift shop.Glass Bowls 1123

But it has. Perhaps “designing” is giving me too much credit.

In the past few months I started to look for items to round out our selection. To this point I found Tali Grinshpan, a local glass artist. She agreed to work with me to produce a line of bowls and plates, simple in shape and color. She has just delivered the first finished pieces. They are beautiful.

The glass is handmade in Portland, OR by Bullseye Glass. Because the glass is handmade, there are subtle variations in color and surface texture.

bowledge 11 23Each piece is fired in the kiln at least two times to properly finish the edges and to refine the shape. The process is labor intensive. Glass items cannot be made quickly.

These brightly colored, hand-made, glass bowls and plates will look great in your living room on a coffee table, or on your kitchen or dining table.