Artist Bio

My work as a potter is a natural extension of my lifelong interest in how things work. With clay there are infinite variables that require investigation, trial and error, and intuition to understand the mechanics of making. Clay holds my attention. Exploring individual forms, inventing the process that needs to be used to achieve the concept, and developing visual language is a never-ending pursuit.

Thin slabs of stoneware and paper templates are used to create the work. Patterns or textures are added to the slab while flat then the form is assembled and stretched to create volume, completely by hand. Clues are left as to how each piece was constructed in the form of exposed seams or thumbprints. Ultimately I hope that the user contemplates how a hand-made pieces of pottery can enhance their daily life.

Artist Statement

     “I am interested in utilitarian vessels and find that they provide endless avenues to explore form and surface design. The dialog with the form is what motivates me to get in the studio each day and to do the work. The work informs itself and slowly evolves over time; I revisit the same forms over and over, making changes as I achieve a new level of understanding the details of a piece. When I look at a form that I’ve been making and it no longer looks as “good” as it once did I know that I’ve crossed into new territory. I strive to make pieces that are visually stunning and that have engaging tactile qualities. Ultimately I hope that the user contemplates how ceramics with unique characteristics can fit into and enhance their daily routines.”