Artist Bio

Sharee Loren is a Bay Area artist who grew up in Brooklyn, New York and has distinct memories of living in a building predominantly occupied by Holocaust survivors and their offspring. Over the years,  the neighborhood experienced an influx of immigrants from all over the world. This informal multicultural education can be seen in the patterns that emerge in her works. Growing up in New York allowed her the opportunity to attend art classes at the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Modern Art during the early years of Sharee’s art education. She has a BA in Studio Arts from Swarthmore College in a liberal arts program focused on religious and cultural studies, including a semester abroad that included documentary work in Zimbabwe. Her art is rooted in her explorations of culture, spirituality, resilience, and transformation.

Artist Statement

“I never plan what I create. My process is a meditative, mixed-media-layering of colors, symbols and emerging figures. My painting is performance, and my process is an improvised dance of layered spontaneity and vibrant color. Influenced by calligraphy, graffiti art, patterns, and tribal markings, my paintings are multi-layered explorations of freedom.

I create these paintings with the intention that they emanate a powerful radiant presence, activating a space with an intense meditative glow that projects larger than what the canvas can hold. These are my radiant abstractions.”