Siskin’s work comes from a belief that art can be a powerful agent for social change—addressing the crucial social, environmental and political issues that affect our lives, as an artist and as a citizen. Her large-scale projects are used to engage with communities; the final work is produced as a frame for audiences to see and connect with the communities or the larger issues.  

While some of her  work is public, made in response to or in collaboration with historically underrepresented communities, the work for this exhibition is more object-oriented and based in communal fears around the extinction of species and human cultures due to global climate change.  
Siskin’s  pieces in this exhibition include “Rising”, which repurposes maps and atlases to account for the low-lying nations that are on the front lines of displacement due to rising waters, as well as “Life Saving & Water Safety” which imagines plans for action, based in knowledge and images from books of the early 20th century. The titles of her works are inspired by the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.