Artist Bio

Sylvia Cossich Goodman was born in New York, the daughter of Italian immigrants. At a very young age, her Italian family moved back to Italy and settled in the little village of Muggia on the border of Italy and Slovenia, near the city of Trieste. In her twenties, Sylvia began to travel between the two continents, exploring both worlds and working for longer and longer periods in California. She graduated in 1991 from Otis Parson Art School in Los Angeles, where she specialized in textile design and illustration. She worked as a textile designer in Los Angeles’ fashion field for six years, and held her first exhibits in Santa Monica and Malibu.

In the mid 90s, Sylvia developed a keen interest in ceramics and began to make sculptures developing themes connected to the exploration of the human figure. In the last few years, she started to work in stone, especially alabaster, which is a stone that captivates her imagination with its versatile colors and unexpected lusters. Her sculptures are accompanied by her colorful and almost sculptural paintings, where the image of the figurative world evokes deep emotions. She is a constant and intense observer of nature, and is fascinated and intrigued by the human body. She believes that behind her art is her past, emotions, and sensitivity to colors, beauty, and forms. Sylvia still travels between the United States and Europe, showing her work in both countries.