Soba Noodles from Scratch with Yumi Nagao

Saturday September 30, 1 – 4 pm

$45 Fee

Yumi will demonstrate how to make Japanese soba noodles from scratch. Once the demo is over, you will have a chance to taste the buckwheat soba noodles.

Participants will get a 10% discount on any purchase made in the gallery on the day of the demonstration.

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“The first soba I had in my life my grandmother made. She always made fresh soba noodle when the family would gather. I started crafting soba about 10 years ago after one year my father passed away. That was imminently I knew that my father who show me the path. And also, finding a place that makes authentic hand made soba in the US is very difficult. That’s why I started making my own soba. I learned how to make soba from my aunt who owns the soba restaurant in Nagano, Japan, the home of soba, where buckwheat is primarily grown on the foothills. Afterwards I went to Tokyo to learn Edo-style soba.

Traditional Japanese food or washoku has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage. One of the humble jewels of Japanese food is soba (buckwheat) noodles. It originated during the Edo period (1600s-1800s) in Japan. Soba noodle establishments sprang up in busy and in energetic neighborhoods of Tokyo. Good handmade soba is more than just food, it’s an art form.

I’m going to make a demonstration of nihachi soba which is 20 percent wheats, 80 percent buckwheat. Like good Italian pasta, soba is made of simply flour and water. I couldn’t find good quality of buckwheat flour in US, so my sources of buckwheat flour is from Japan. After the demonstration I will serve you a seiro soba that is cold noodle with dipping sauce. I hope many of you may feel and taste soul of Japanese.”

-Yumi Nagao

Sign up for the workshop here