Some thoughts on a Hot Day in July

Last last month I had dinner with my family. My father handed me a newspaper clipping. He still reads the print edition. It was a piece by Roberta Smith, art critic for the New York times, about how art galleries are adapting to a changing market. To my pleasant surprise, he remarked that I seemed to be doing a lot of what Ms. Smith was talking about in her article. I agree.

Priscilla Otani, 'Our Hearts Beat as One' March 2016 , Crossing to Safety show

Priscilla Otani, ‘Our Hearts Beat as One’,  March 2016

There are many new galleries in the east bay now. We all are finding new ways to pay the rent with out the typical support of art collectors, and with out a stable of established artists with large followings. Many of us enhance our incomes with workshops, sell art supplies, sell naming rights to parts of their space, or,  like we do here, sell an assortment of art, craft and other gift items to support museum style art shows. (What do I mean by museum style art shows? Glad you asked. It’s art that is not necessarily designed to sell. It is made to make a statement; to support a concept.) We have started a series of 3 hour workshops as well. All the workshops will be taught by artists with work in the gallery. I hope this helps to connect our customers to our artist community.

Have you been into the gallery lately?

Robot-Embryos, Wire+Steel Mesh, Anya Sophe Behn, 2016

Robot-Embryos, Wire+Steel Mesh,
Anya Sophe Behn, 2016

Our July show, Anya Sophe Behn’s Dreaming Space is a treat to walk around, under, and thru. Her work in metal and wire explores the concept of the self and space. The figurative wire sculptures border on realism and serve to transport the viewer into Behn’s conceptual world. The movement of the wires within the sculptures that hang from the ceiling can be mesmerizing.

Visitors are calling it a museum quality show.

It’s only up for one more week, so hurry in!

While you’re here, especially if you haven’t been in for a while, take a look at the work by the many new artists showing here, and new work by artists you may already be familiar with. Plan to take some time looking around, there’s a lot to see.  All of our artists and makers live in the SF Bay Area.

And, remember, sales of the work in the store funds the monthly shows, and supports local artists and makers.

Here’s a partial list of the new work that has recently arrived in the gallery store.

Untitled, Doug Lawler

Untitled, Doug Lawler

Chocolates by Xocolate Bar, soaps, by Juniper Tree and C & G Soapworks, prints by Alissa Stanghellini, prints and originals by Doug Lawler, ceramic sculpture by Susanne Long, hand forged bottle openers by Celeste Flores, pottery by Sarah Gregory, ceramic sculpture by Sarah Logan, pottery and jewelry by Alexandra Lederer, prints by Kevin Proctor, turned wood and wood toys by Dean Burris, cutting boards and turned wood by Irfan Akbar, glass trays and plates by Elizabeth Dunn

That’s just what’s new in the last few weeks.

If you can’t make it in be sure to visit our online store,

It'sBecomeUnused, 2016 Amber Imrie-SitunayakeFor August, we have Amber Imrie-Situnayake: It’ll Do Rd.The show runs August 3rd-31st, with an artist’s reception on Saturday, August 13th, 5-7pm

The work for It’lld Do Rd. explores the blurred edge between the domesticated and the wild. It is a collection of work spanning the last two years for the artist, with the bulk of the show being shown for the first time. In It’ll Do Rd, Amber explores her homeland through different fibrous mediums. The show includes a video/ performance piece, wall works, and an interactive installation.