Someone made this cup?! Observations of a novice ceramic appreciator.

Sachiko clay cups

Photo Credit: Sachiko Campe

Until I started managing the Abrams Claghorn Gallery, I did not think much about ceramics, beyond the plates and cups I purchased at Target.

Upon meeting the owner Robert Abrams, who is himself an accomplished potter and metal artist, I realized I had much to learn.

Almost everyday at the gallery has proven to provide an education opportunity. Learning a little here and there most weeks about the technical processes of pottery and properties of clay. In this way,

Sachiko Kiln

Photo Credit: Sachiko Campe

I have not been overwhelmed with technical jargon or too much information, as I’ve been able to process it slowly over this last year.

What I have found the most fascinating, confounding, and scientific however, is glazes. I still know nothing in terms of practical applications, but listening to our potters chat among themselves how they achieved the spectacular and varied finishes and colors (technical term, glaze) has always delighted me! Science, chemistry and art, all crashing together to create pottery.

Useable or sometimes un-useable, I really have come to appreciate the subtle art of pottery and ceramics as a whole. I look forward to continuing my “education” and perhaps, someday, get my fingers a little dirty. – Chelsea Thompson, 2016