Stanley Solomon is a self-taught jeweler from New York who originally studied and worked as a commercial artist for a number of years before coming to California in the 1960s. Drawn into the street artist scene, he eventually developed a personal style of jewelry that revolved around working with unique, gem-grade agates and jaspers that were cut in his own studio. After years of working many prestigious craft shows around the country and selling to many top galleries and museums, he settled in Northern California.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are all part of a unique design concept that still includes rare and hard-to-find gemstones that give his creations a distinctive and personal look.

There is no particular influence in his work that can be noticed outright. Instead, a synthesis of many forms have combined with his own personal concepts to create his original look, among the rare gemstones he uses are psilomelane, tiger iron, pyrite, chalcedony, scenic agates, and dinosaur bone in combinations of sterling silver and pink and yellow 14 karat gold.