Syd Dunton is a creative woodworker who places his Studio Furniture on the fine line of art and function. His innovative employment of marquetry (inlay of thin veneers) in both his 3-dimensional sculptures and his 2-dimensional wall art are meticulous in their support of an abstract statement and reveal an artist passionate about his artwork; one who is always reaching out to new ideas while displaying a solid technique in a genuinely original body of work.

His love for art in many mediums has been witnessed as he first taught Jewelry Design in several colleges only to move into teaching Ceramics at Foothill College where he was employed for 13 years. The sculptural qualities found both in the working of wax in the casting of metals and in the malleability of clay led Syd naturally to wood. For it is the sculptural quality in his woodworking that others see, comment on, and collect. The importance of line is always present in his work, be it a strong sense of movement, or a subtle presence that is discovered while appreciating his work.

“In all my work, I try to use only those woods I know are from environmentally sustainable forests. Many of my woods come from trees blown down by hurricanes, or other acts of Nature,” Syd says.

Unorthodox dyeing techniques, gilding, or ebonizing is often incorporated for special effects. Usually he applies multiple coats of a polyurethane that is easy to maintain yet offer a natural protection to the wood.

The high degree of professionalism Syd Dunton brings to his work gives him the credibility of an original. Each piece is unique yet there is a thread weaving itself through his work as he explores his medium.