Artist Statement: Jennifer Brazelton, for “Bumpy Terrain,” showing October 2015

Artist Jennifer Brazelton wants you to experience nationalism in new and unexpected ways. For the past three years she has been creating sculptures using maps of nations whose shapes are altered by human population data. These oddly distorted two-dimensional cartogram drawings were created by Benjamin D. Hennig’s PhD research.

Jennifer transforms these maps through research and her creative process into three-dimensional sculptures. She layers organic and patterned surfaces over the “bumpy terrain” in an effort to make the sculptures pulse with life. The countries she sculpts are topical and in the media. Often, just the act of sculpting a particular country becomes a political act. These population-distorted maps are a Trojan Horse for a different view on a country or culture.

Artist Feature: ANNA VAUGHAN for “The September Show,” September 2015

Anna Vaughan is an artist and educator living in Oakland, California. Originally from the Midwest, Vaughan’s creativity was nourished at early age by her mother, who was an art teacher and remains a practicing artist.

Artist Feature: FREYA PROWE for “The September Show,” September 2015

Freya Prowe was raised by a bicultural family in the United States. German fairy tales informed much of her early imaginary world.

Artist Feature: DANIELLE SCHLUNEGGER for “The September Show,” September 2015

Danielle Schlunegger grew up amongst the shell shops and sand dunes of Ventura, CA. Currently working and living in Oakland CA, her artwork is strongly influenced by 18th century Cabinets of Curiosity and early explorers.

Artist Feature: MICHAEL MCCONNELL for “The September Show,” September 2015

Michael McConnell, a Michigan native, studied printmaking at Columbus College of Art and Design. After graduating from CCAD, he drove across country to the Bay Area, and has made a home in San Francisco.

Artist Feature: CRYSTAL MOREY for “The September Show,” September 2015

Crystal Morey grew up in a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California. Her surroundings embedded her with an appreciation for the natural world and gave her an understanding of plant and animal life cycles.

Artist Feature: MARGARET KEELAN for “The September Show,” September 2015

Margaret Keelan’s influence in the Bay Area can be felt through her timeless dolls, which in turn show the progression of time and technology but also hearken to the unchanging rhythm of nature latest small sculptures recall the “Santos” figures of Mexico and Central America and incorporate a reproduced 19th century doll head.

Artist Feature: JUDITH IRWIN for “In the Garden,” August 2015

Art and nature are a part of Irwin’s daily life, as she can be found artistically pruning someone’s garden, or studying shadows with paintbrush in hand.

Artist Feature: JOHN PALEGA for “I Expected Flowers,” July 2015

John Palega is a proud Bay Area native. He has loved art since childhood, and discovered his passion for tattoos at a young age.