Artist Bio

Vitina Morabito was born in Berkeley, California in 1993 and currently resides in Pinole, CA. She graduated from high school at the Oakland School of the Arts with an emphasis in Visual Arts in 2012.  Morabito is currently working towards a degree at Diablo Valley College and plans to transfer within a year to a four year university.

Artist Statement

“When I was growing up, my idol and the person that I looked up to the most was my Grandfather, the artist. He was the reason that I originally became interested in art, and at such a young age. Looking at his work and mine, I can see a common thread. My Grandfather’s favorite subject to depict was people. Similarly, my work often has to do with people’s feelings, motives, or how they communicate with and affect the world around them. As a young and emerging  artist, I’m still exploring styles and mediums that I like, but I like to think that my artwork has an identity all its own.

One of the mediums that I feel expresses my work well is printmaking. In monotype and intaglio printing, layers of printing are possible and can add meaning and depth to the work. Furthermore, these methods of printmaking can incorporate drawing and painting into the process, allowing me to  utilize many of my artistic strengths.

Current works in the gallery include the Eye series and the Age series. The Eye series take a critical view of human history, depicting dark periods in human history. The series focuses on the apathy by people who weren’t negatively affected by the events I’ve chosen to depict. The Age series is much less cynical, showing a single person at five different stages in life,  distinct from each other due to what defines each milestone.” – Vitina Morabito, 2016