Figure Drawing with Ink: The Meditative Process of Ink on Paper

Instructor : Hellenmae

Sunday, January 15th, 12pm-3pm

$100 plus a $35 materials fee

Workshop participants will get a 10% discount on any purchase made in the gallery on the day of the workshop.

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Fundamentals & Techniques

Using ink to draw the figure is a focused and meditative process. Explore healing through slowing down and creating art.

Take home the essential tools & techniques of figure drawing with ink. Figure drawing with ink is more of a style than a science. This workshop, with the aid of a live figure model, explores three different styles: blind contouring, straight contour, and loose figure painting. Learn how to use these techniques to in order to connect your vision to an artistic expression. You will see figures in a different light, and understand a medium that is easily transported.


  • Introduction: Fundamentals & tools to practice working with a live figure model
  • Part 1: Get to know the figure (blind contour)
  • Part 2: Understand the peaks and valleys of the body, one continuous line (straight contour)
  • Part 3: Playful relaxed portion with drips, washes, and embrace the messy looser form of the figure (loose figure painting)
  • Part 4: Adding color and depth to the contour


Fundamentals of Ink and the Figure: A style, rather than a science

Ink — A meditative process with materials that require attention.

The Figure — Studying light, shadow, lines and contour with the unique medium of ink leaves room for artistic interpretation of the human form.

Contour: Blind & Straight: Learn contouring styles that will awaken your interpretation

Blind Contour — Blind contour is expressing what you see, without looking at the paper. The outcome is not as important as the process and meditation. Here you are encouraged to let go of control, and be present.

Straight Contour — Similar to the blind technique, but here you look at the paper while drawing the body contour. This is a slow and beautiful process, which results in an abstract piece that’s ready to show in one’s home.

Creation of a Loose Figure Painting: Adding water & brushes to the ink

Ink, Brush, Water — Understand the tools to continue your expression. After working with lines and spaces, here we add water to amplify the beautiful depth of space within, and around, the figure.
Loose figure painting — Playing with water to create washes, drips, and textures.

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